Are you working on Sunday’s?

We have a service just for you on Saturday evenings at 6pm at our Covenant Life Rocky Top campus, located at 227 Church Ave, just across from the Post Office.

We hope that no matter where you are with God , you’ll find Covenant Life to be the place to attend.

Whats a Saturday evening service like?

  • Well, here’s what happens during a typical gathering.

  • We’ll sing a few songs about God and to God ( the music is really GOOD); you’ll likely see some folks raising their hands because they connect to the truth of the song. You can sing along, hum along, or just enjoy the music.

  • One of our pastors will welcome you and teach/preach a thought-provoking message out of the Bible that applies to our everyday lives.

  • The whole experience lasts about one hour.

Just show up. Saturday’s at 6pm. I would love to meet you.

Pastor Tony