AT THE MOVIES 2018-11-30T23:57:49+00:00

This four-week blockbuster series will be both fun and meaningful as we dive into some of Hollywood’s biggest hits to unpack spiritual truths for our lives.

During Christmas At the Movies we will explore the themes and meanings behind some of Hollywood’s biggest hits. Each week we’ll watch a new film and hear a powerful teaching message from Pastor Tony. And what’s a movie without water and popcorn? We’ll have both available before every service. So be sure to grab some on your way in.

Plan your visit now and we will:
  • reserve a parking spot for you up front
  • meet you in the parking lot
  • give you a tour of the church
  • introduce you around
  • enjoy free water and popcorn with you
  • help you get your kids checked in to Kids Church
  • personally get you seated in the sanctuary